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About Lelli Kelly Kids

Lelli Kelly launched in 1992 in Italy. Our brand is well known for putting the fun and funky back onto little girl’s feet. Every little girl wants a pair of Lelli Kelly! The problem she has is choosing which shoes she wants from the gorgeous sparkly collections.

The spring collection comprises of canvas shoes and baseball boots which are full of hand sewn beautiful beads and sequined flowers. Remove the special insole and your shoes become the most practical shoes ever as they can be machine washed!

Moving on to the warm summer months there are the summer sandals. Not only are they gorgeous but comfortable too!

Lelli Kelly do summer sandals with style, by introducing metallics and adjustable straps decorated with beads, showing their true attention to detail.

Back to School. This is a fairly new area for our brand and once again you will not be disappointed in. Lelli Kelly have managed to take the ‘most boring’ need for a shoe and turn it into an exciting shoe buying experience. Now your little girl can wear her Lelli Kelly shoes all day, every day, even at school!

Lelli Kelly have shown a good understanding of what a parent wants from a pair of shoes as they bring shoes out when the seasons change and autumn/winter is no exception. Every little girl loves shine and sparkle no matter what time of year it is. With this in mind Lelli Kelly have released canvas shoes and trainers in darker shades suitable for the autumn season.

Party shoes….Wow, a little girls dream shoes! Yes they are sparkly and shiny, they even come with inter changeable straps and most importantly a kitten heel!

Lelli Kelly have continued this theme through to their winter collection and added even more wow to their exciting winter boots by finishing the boots off with a kitten heel. These are a must for any little girl – a winter shoe/boot with heels.


Lelli Kelly Kids have a vast range of unique boys’ and girls’ shoes for all occasions, so you are sure to find a pair your little one will love.

  • Boots

    A wide and sparkling range of boots for little girls

  • Baby Canvas

    Beautiful baby canvas shoes for the most stylish tots

  • Canvas Shoes

    Carefully hand-sewn canvas shoes for casual wear

  • School Shoes

    Fashionable school shoes your kids will love showing off

  • California Bling

    The California Bling range features jewel-encrusted trainers, flower-adorned lace-ups and more

  • Ezio Boys' Shoes

    Lelli Kelly Kids also have a selection of shoes for little boys

  • Party Shoes

    Sequined and embellished shoes, perfect for any party or formal occasion

  • Kids' Baseball Boots

    Stylish baseball boots to keep your kids active

  • Teen High-Tops

    High-tops with a difference for teens with personality

  • More

    From handbags to hairclips, Lelli Kelly Kids also stock clothing and accessories