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About iGranite

We specialise in producing and fitting quartz, marble, and granite worktops throughout London and the UK. Browse our collection of natural stone and composite surfaces which have been selected from across the globe.

We have over 16 years’ experience working with natural stone, and the skills and expertise to handle everything from a small bathroom vanity unit to a major house redevelopment project. You can trust us to get it right for you – from the early stages of finalising your kitchen design to the installation of the stone. We have the tools, experience, and capability to produce exquisite and durable worktops.

Our granite installation teams are conveniently located throughout London and the UK in order to provide a truly nationwide worktop fitting service. Don’t pay through the nose buying your worktops through your kitchen company; send your kitchen plan or measurements to us today to find out exactly how much you can save. Browse from our huge selection of materials and cut-out the middleman by dealing directly with the stone suppliers.

Our granite worktops and other surfaces are carefully selected from the world’s quarries based on the source and the quality of the stone. As a natural product, no two granite slabs are identical; equally natural stones excavated from different quarries will vary in natural properties. No matter where the granite is mined, the stone is an igneous rock and consists of prominently of quartz, feldspar and mica. Granite has a durable reputation with a melting point of between 1215° and 1260°; which is one of the many reasons granite worktops are used in kitchens throughout the world.

Product range

iGranite use superior-quality materials to expertly craft stunning worktops.

  • Granite

    Resilient granite worktops offered with 15-year warranty

  • Quartz

    Sophisticated quartz worktops with an elegant yet contemporary finish

  • Dekton

    Heat and freeze-resistant with almost zero porosity, Dekton can be used outdoors as well as indoors

  • Marble

    Available in several colours, marble is unmistakeable for its natural beauty