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About Heritage Sash Windows

Sash window repair specialists

Sash window restoration is what Heritage sash windows do best! At Heritage Sash Windows, they carry out sash window restoration and sash window renovation. Using their expert knowledge they can return your sash and casement windows back to full working condition with bespoke techniques aiming to improve the window’s insulation, draught-proofing and condensation control.

They can also provide double glazed sash windows to help increase the durability of your sash windows and change old single glazed sashes into slimline double glazed windows whilst retaining the original profile of the window. All their work is manufactured in-house and meets all criteria for conservation areas.

Heritage sash windows locations

Explore their website more to see how they Preserve the heritage and unique charm of your sash windows and help you benefit from the performance of a modern window with their Lancashire sash windows renovation service. Not all Sash Windows need replacing, most can be renovated for a fraction of the price so, make sure to give Heritage Sash Windows a call for a free, no obligation survey at your property. If you live in FormbyLythamSouthportCheshireClitheroe or Whalley and need some of the services mentioned, get in touch with Heritage Sash Windows today.

Call them today on 01772 217098 for more information about sash window renovation and sash window repair, or to request a personalised survey of your home. Heritage Sash Windows can also visit you! So, if you are located outside of the areas suggested please contact them and they can arrange to visit you.

Sash window repair

Sash windows are an important part of a building’s history and can be read like a book; they tell us not only of the changing architectural taste and style but also of social hierarchy, building economics, craft ingenuity and technical advances.

They are extremely important to the overall look and feel of the property whilst also preserving the original character. Failure to repair any rotten sash windows can often lead to more serious problems caused by penetrating water and constant increase in energy consumption as you’ll be loosing valuable energy if your sash windows require renovation.

Sash window renovation

Often, when someone notices that their sash windows have degraded they automatically think they need replacement, which can be very expensive. However, homeowners no longer have to completely replace their sash windows because with Heritage Sash Windows, they can choose to use double glazing or to Draught proof their sash windows at a fraction of the cost of buying new windows.

These new materials on the market are more energy efficient and come with replacement staffs and parting beads that is sure to keep draughts, noise and pollution at a minimal. When done correctly, sash window repair will make your windows look like new and more importantly, reduce your energy cost whilst maintaining the character of your home for a fraction of the price.

Stained glass renovation

You need the help of experts to repair or restore your stained glass work. If the damage is small, Heritage sash windows will repair it instead of replacing it, thus saving you money and time. Much of the work that they do at Heritage Sash Windows involves the restoration of stained glass work back to its former glory. They are experts at the repair and restoration of old and antique stained glass windows in churches, historic buildings and private homes across Lancashire and the North West.