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Agenda for Tuesday 7th February 2017

  1. 1. Apologies for Absence

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

 Held on 3rd January 2017 (previously circulated). To be signed as a correct record.

3. Declarations of Interest Members of the Town Council are requested to indicate at this stage in the    proceedings any items on the agenda in which they intend to declare an interest.  Members are also reminded that, in accordance with the Local  Government Act 2000 and the Council’s Code of Conduct, they must declare   the nature of any personal interest and, if the interest is prejudicial, withdraw   from the meeting during the consideration of the item.

4. Communications by the Town Mayor

5. Town Manager’s Report   Report attached (click here)

  1. 6. Penwortham Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Penwortham NDP is now ready for the public referendum, the date of which  will be the 9th February 2017. Should over 50% of the people that attend the referendum vote in favour then the plan will be adopted as a supplementary  planning document by the planning authority, South Ribble Borough Council.

Legislation does not allow Penwortham Town Council to produce promotional material that provides general information about the referendum, deals with any issues raised by the question in the referendum or puts any arguments either for or against any question asked in the referendum. To read the Penwortham Neighbourhood Development Plan click here.

 The results of the referendum should be available on the 10th February 2017.

7. Questions to the Police  The Council meeting will constitute the Police and Communities Together (PACT)   meeting and the police will be present to respond to questions.

8. Issues Raised by Members of the Public (non-police issues)   Members of the public are invited to raise any issues of local concern.

9. Development Control – Plans List The Council is asked if it has any comments on the list of planning applications provided by the Borough Council.

10. Minutes Committee Meetings: The Council is asked to approve the minutes of the following meetings: (previously circulated)

Events Committee – Monday 23 January 2017

Planning Committee – Monday 23 January 2017

Strategy and Finance Committee – Monday 23 January 2017

Cemetery Committee – Not Applicable

Community Centre Management Committee – Not Applicable

Environment Committee – Not Applicable

11. Delegates’ Reports  To receive any reports from delegates.

12. Accounts for Payment – December 2016 The Town Manager will report.

13. Hill Road Cemetery – December 2016

a) Details of Burials

  1. b) Deeds of Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial

The minutes of this meeting and the next agenda will be available on the internet at

Click here to download a printable version of the February 2016 Agenda